deco Cipta Graha company profile website development

Project Name : PT. Deco Cipta Graha Company Profile Website

Client : Bapak Irwan – PT. Deco Cipta Graha
Year : 2019
Status : Online
Objective : Website Development


Project ini adalah membuat company profile PT. Deco Cipta Graha.
Deco Cipta Graha - Full Web

Deco Cipta Graha – Full Web

work as freelancer, web developer, tourism support, organizer, etc - i’m a humanize human, a son, a father, a husband, who love coffee and cigarette, lazy and moody, entrepreneur, very easy to sleep, internet addict, bad designer, humorious, playing guitar, can’t singing & cooking, thin body, brown skin, smily, travelling & hiking, art & culture related, etc………

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